Varying Bail Costs

The cost of bail is dependent on the judge’s decision. Based on the crime committed, the judge will typically look at past punishments for similar cases. Determining the best way to punish the defendant, the cost will then be presented. Here is a good resource that can estimate the bail amount per crimes committed.
Small misdemeanors will span anywhere from one-hundred to a couple thousand dollars. More serious crimes can cost up much, much more. These crimes tend to have bail prices around $100,000 or more. With any bail, a bail bond only requires that 10% of the bail amount is due to the bondsman. This makes the process much more affordable and helps not to completely wipe out anyone’s finances. However, the more serious crimes will still require a large sum of money.
AA Bail Bonds can assist in this financial bind. We have payment plans that will help make the burden easier to carry during the very difficult time of walking through a case. Click here to start your application for a bail bond today.

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